The Best Organic Food Trucks in London

The explosion of the popularity of the food truck has been quite staggering, absolutely everybody takes advantage of this fashionable way to eat from businessmen on their lunch or shoppers just grazing between stores. The reputation of past years of the food truck being little more than a fast-food outlet has long gone, and consumers are willing to pay top dollar for freshly prepared gourmet food delivered from a serving hatch. The quality of food that the best food trucks in London now serve is quite exceptional, many of them only use the freshest ingredients often organically grown and in season. Forget about hamburgers or fries, these trucks offer items such as Eggs Benedict to fresh fruit pancakes, and everything in between. Here are some of the best food trucks in London that regularly serve organic produce.

The Bowler

Food Trucks in London
Food Trucks in London

The first impressions of The Bowler are quite striking as the truck is covered in AstroTurf, in fact the locals call this food outlet the Lawn Ranger. The Bowler specializes in homemade meatballs, as well as balls made out of vegetables and fish. The owner Jez prides himself in only using the finest ingredients, including free-range meats and seasonal vegetables. You will not hear the bing of a microwave anywhere near this truck.

Street Kitchen

One of the real advantages of eating food from a truck is the price; compared to restaurant prices in the capital having lunch or even dinner at these mobile food stops is a great alternative. Street Kitchen has a number of Airstream trailers dotted around London that serve consistently good cuisine. Popular dishes include slow roasted pork, and hot smoked salmon with beetroot. Street Kitchen focus on bistro-style dishes, and their menu changes to what fresh and organic produce is available. Even the beer they serve is organic, and all their serving packaging is biodegradable.  

Creperie Nicholas

The familiar sight of bright blue vans parked all over London signify that a Creperie Nicholas outlet is available. The crepes are only made with the finest organic ingredients, and the fillings are fresh seasonal fruits with the occasional indulgent chocolate embellishment.

Bean About Town

Bean About Town is unique in many ways, not least the remarkable vintage Citroen bus they operate from. But don’t let this rustic charm fool you, as this outlet serves the very best in gourmet coffee.This highly successful coffee truck can be found near many tube stations, and on board are only highly trained baristas. The other added advantage of buying your fresh espresso from Bean About Town is that they only use ethically sourced beans, and all their coffee is served in biodegradable containers.Drinking excellent coffee such as this where the supplier has a real conscious about the environment makes you wonder why anybody visits the likes of Starbucks.

Food Trucks in London
Food Trucks in London

These mobile outlets are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to gourmet food trucks in London, there are many other exciting trucks just waiting to be explored on the streets of London all offering their own unique dishes.