The Best Locally Sourced Restaurants in London

London is becoming more and more well known for its fine cuisine, long gone are the days of the British being known for bad food. Rather, London has become a hot spot for new chefs and boutique restaurants to take off and show off their skills to the world. Along with the rise in fine dining in London there has been an increase in locally sourced food being used in these establishments, a move that is to be commended by all those who participate. Not only is locally sourced food better for your health, it is tastier, it is great for the economy and it is great for the environment. So, the next time you are in London check out one of these restaurants cooking up delicious locally sourced ingredients and doing great things.



Hally’s is a California inspired restaurant that serves up organic and ethically sourced ingredients into delicious dishes. After a road trip through America the owners, Anna Halliday and Phillip Beatty, wanted to bring a taste of their experience back to London. And they did it with style and most importantly delicious food. Check them out next time you’re in need of some fresh California style bites.



Located at Selfridges Food Hall Daylesford bring the organic farm to London. Here you will find a combination of fresh ingredient and seasonal produce blended together to make the most delicious flavours. They have been awarded for their sustainable practices and environmentally friendly approach, which means that they are a must see for London eats.

The Natural Kitchen


What started as a simple organic food shop quickly transformed into one of the best go to lunch venues for healthy food in London. The Natural Kitchen  has a wide variety of healthy choices thanks to their fantastic chefs. A stop you simply cannot miss if in need of a health and wholesome snack in London.

Clerkenwell Kitchen


Another hot spot in London, Clerkenwell Kitchen is quickly growing in popularity largely due to the hard work of its owners, Emma and Laura. They go above and beyond to ensure that they are serving the best of the best to their customers. The ingredients are all organic, seasonal and locally sourced, they do not cheat when it comes to quality. Even their coffee is locally roasted, and they always have cold beer on tap.

Grain Store


From chef Bruno Loubet comes this fantastic concept called Grain Store. One of their greatest qualities is that Grain Store puts vegetables front and centre, not letting meat do all the talking all the time. When meat is used it is all organic and free range. They go beyond the normal deeds of a restaurant and donate half of their profits from filtered water sales to local charities. This restaurant is truly sustaining and giving back to its community and the environment. Be sure to support their noble efforts next time you are in town. You will not regret it.