The Benefits of Locally Grown Food

Food trends are ever changing, there is constantly a new diet or cleanse that has just been discovered and is the cure to all your health problems. How can you know what is best for you? It is hard to say as everyone’s bodies and dietary needs are different. There is one trend, however, that is proving to be beneficial to all who try it. As well as great for the economy and the environment. Perhaps you have heard of restaurants serving locally grown foods, or you see the new section in the super market that has locally grown vegetables and fruits. This is something that we can all get on board with and here are a few reasons why.

Locally grown food is so much more flavourful than other food. This is because it is picked at peak ripeness and delivered to the restaurant or grocers the same day if not soon after. This means that instead of being shipped half way around the world and losing its flavour it comes straight to you for you to enjoy that much more.

Eating local food also means that you are getting more nutrients, because the food it not being picked before ripe and packaged and shipped it has its full nutritional value when you are eating it, making it so much better for you. Instead of eating reheated frozen foods or fruits that never ripen on the tree you will be eating the most nutritious version on the food possible.

Locally grown food also supports the local economy, when you spend money at local restaurants or at the local farmers markets you are contributing directly back into your neighbours business and therefore supporting your local economy rather than that of a big corporation.  This is then reinvested back into their business and other fellow local businesses, making it a win-win situation for everyone.

Buying locally grown food also supports the environment, rather than being shipped overseas or transported on large trucks the food is typically driven within a small radius of where it was grown, meaning less pollutants are being sent out into the atmosphere.

Perhaps the best part about buying locally grown food is that you get to learn the story behind each thing you purchase. The farmer is more often than not the man standing behind the stall at the market, he’ll be able to tell you about the variety of fruit or what it is best paired with. Making your shopping and therefore dining experience that much better.

Whether you are shopping locally for the health benefits of for the great impact it has on the environment and the economy you can no doubt see that purchasing locally grown food or supporting restaurants that do is easily the greatest food trend there has ever been. So, this weekend take a gander at your local farmers market and see what they have to offer, you will no doubt be surprised by the endless options and the delicious flavours that are available.