How to Have a Toxin Free House

We are exposed to toxic substances everywhere we are all the time, but for a healthier life, we must try as much possible to cut the extent we expose ourselves to toxins and chemical substances. We can do this effectively by using the tips in this article.


The normal carpets we use for our flooring at home may become hazardous to our health. They are made of fiber synthetically made from petroleum and can emit up to 120 hazardous chemicals which can trigger allergies, asthma, cancer and neurological problems. It is difficult and often takes many years to cut the effect of the poisonous gas emitted by the adhesives and glues used in making carpets. Cotton or wool rug or even recycled tiles are the best for your flooring. Another option is making your flooring with bamboo or cock.


When making decisions on the right type of bedding to use, your best choice should be organic and untreated bedspreads, pillows and blankets. Bedding made of other materials are made of pesticides, bleach, dyes, and other harmful chemicals which expose you to toxins.

Curtains, Windows and Mattresses

Curtains made from organic materials like linen, cotton or bamboo is safer than those made with bleach, dyes and fire retardants. The decision we make about where we sleep must be the right one. Most mattresses sold commercially have chemical properties that are harmful and take years to detox. Mattresses made of latex and organic wool are better choices when it comes to getting a safe product.

Cleaning Agents

Household cleaners are found to contain toxins which can affect pets like cats and dogs. It is one of the top ten poisonous substances in the world, according to a 2009 report from ASPCA. Cats are affected by the toxins in a cleaning solution and have 23 times toxic chemicals in their body than humans. Dogs, meanwhile, have just about 2.4 times compared to people. The chemicals we use in cleaning our wares affect us and our pets in so many negative ways. If you want to buy a cleaning solution, ask for non-toxic cleaning agent in stores.


A report from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency stated that while many people know the dangers of indoor air pollution, they are not fully concerned with the pollution generated indoors. However, studies show that the level of indoor pollution may be 2 to 5 times higher than outdoor pollution. In few cases, the pollution in the home rises to about 100 times more and it is risky because most people spend more time at home than outside the home. Pollution in the home should be taken seriously to avoid health hazards.

Dry Cleaning

You get most concentration of toxic chemicals at dry cleaners. If you want to stay safe, use dry cleaners with an environmentally friendly cleaning substance. Sometimes, you may not better options than using the traditional dry cleaners around you. In such a case, after collection, dry your clothes in the sun for several hours before taking them into the house.