Five Reasons Why Organic Food is Better

Obviously, people know the two main reasons why organic food is better than mass produced food, as it is far better for the environment and it is better for you being healthier. However, the good news does not stop there for organic food and we will tell you why.

The Soil is Healthier

What you decide to choose at the supermarket or the grocery store can decide your health, but the choices also have an impact on how healthy the earth is.  Foods that are not organic have toxic chemicals sprayed over them to keep disease away, but these chemicals are extremely bad for the soil and other essential things like insects.

Plants need living organisms to properly grow, and these make the soil richer and more fertile, if you kill off the organisms they have to be replaced by fertilizers that are synthetic, and this puts even more chemicals in the soil.

The Killing of the Good Bugs

Toxic pesticides are not discriminatory, and these pesticides and herbicides kill all bugs including the good ones. Earth has survived millennia by maintaining a complex biodiversity, so the tiniest organism lives happy on the same planet as the largest mammal. Organic farming helps to maintain this biodiversity, and lets the planet live as they should.

A Healthier Community

Firstly, eating organic food is healthier, full stop. And growing food organically does not harm everything around including the people that live there. Spraying toxins means that these chemicals are in the air, so contaminate all manner of things including the drinking water.

This spraying is also likely to go where it is not supposed to, a slight change in the wind direction can take the toxins anywhere and this is why it is dangerous to a communities health.

Organic Food Contains More Nutrients

All plants obtain their nutrients from the soil that they live in, and if the soil happens to be rich, healthy soil then the crops will take in nourishing nutrients not tainted by chemicals. If the soil is simple organic dirt then there is no need for fertilizers created by fossil fuels.

Whereas non organic food take their nutrients from synthetic fertilizers and so you can imagine what the crops are sucking up. If the soil does not get the organic matter that it really needs then it gets tired, and soon it is hard to grow any crops at all.


Nobody ever said that farming is easy, the rewards for the hard work can often be small. Non organic farming is done on a massive scale, and the operations that grow non organic food are often large and expensive to run. They often have to receive government subsidies to exist and cost taxpayer millions of dollars.

Add to the operating costs the need for cleaning up and restoring the soil to what it originally was. It all adds to the final figure. Organic crops need no cleaning up of pesticides after harvest, in fact it leaves the soil richer as more organisms are put back into the soil. There are many reasons why organic food is better for the environment and the earth, but perhaps the best one is that organic food simply tastes better.